Knots No.2. Figure Eight, or Flemish, Bend (Rope Join)

Uses: The Figure Eight, or Flemish, Bend provides a safe, and simple way to join two ropes. It is easily taught, remembered, visualized, and checked.

Safety: For critical loads, e.g., yourself (!), should not be used with ropes that differ much in size and for safety the ends should be longer. Finally, for real security, each end should be tied in a double overhand stopper knot around the other standing end – see illustration to the right.

Pros and Cons:The Figure Eight Bend is relatively bulky and, therefore, slightly more likely to get stuck when an abseil rope is pulled down than the double Fisherman’s. It’s advantage, however, is that even after considerable strain it remains relatively easy to undo.

Inspection: Ensure that there are two strands beside each other at each part of the knot. Some texts suggest ensuring a perfect, flat, knot with two strands lying parallel at each point – which does make a very attractive knot. In reality, however, the advice is impractical as the strands find their own position under load – and that position is not “flat”.


~ by fulopmihaly on September 24, 2008.

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