Knots No.3. Figure Eight Follow Through

Uses: The Figure Eight Follow Through allows the simple and reliable figure eight loop to be tied to a ring, a carabiner, or your own harness. It is easily remembered, easily visualized, and easily checked.

Safety: For photography, this knot is shown above with a short tail end. For safety the end should be longer and, for load bearing, the end should be secured with a stopper knot around the standing end (see picture on right).

Figure of Eight Loop Figure of Eight Loop Directional Variations: There are several variations but only the Loop Follow Through (above) is animated here. It is needed when securing a Figure Eight to a carabiner or ring.

The Figure Eight Loop (picture on left) is simple – tie it like a, but use a bight instead of the end.

The Directional Figure Eight is preferred when a figure eight loop is being created to take a load parallel to the rope (picture on right).


~ by fulopmihaly on September 24, 2008.

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