Knots No.4. – The Double Figure Eight Loop (“Bunny Ears”)

Structure: The The Double Figure Eight Loop  is based on the simple figure of eight stopper knot (picture on right). For photography, the two loops (above) have been made small.

Uses: The two loops can be used as an improvised seat. It is also useful for equalizing the load on two anchors. In one top-roping technique, the loops are made very unequal. The much larger one is passed around both anchor points. The center of this loop is then secured with a carabiner to the small loop. During rappelling, this ensures a more even distribution of load between the two anchor points.

Stability: Compared to some of the other double loop knots, e.g., the French Bowline, the double loop figure of eight is stable, i.e., it is unlikely to slip so that one loop gets larger at the expense of the other loop.


~ by fulopmihaly on September 25, 2008.

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