Mybrute tutorial

For this “Tutorial”, please fight once against my brute : , or

Thank you, and I hope the info helps.

And also, if you want some reale exp point, see the following link. There you will find the information you need.: Multi Level Pupil Network


There are 4
different types of bonuses you can collect in during the game in My
Brute. Everytime you level up in the game, you have a chance to gain
one of the bonuses.

Hover you mouse over one of the bonuses on the left to get more information about it.

Weapon There are 26
weapons in the game. A weapon is not initilally in use in battle, but
each round you have a chance to arm yourself with one of your weapons.
Once armed a weapon stays until:

1)You throw it at an enemy

2)An enemy disarms you

3)You arm yourself with a new different weapon

Once a weapon has been used, it is no longer available for the rest of the battle.

Speciality There are 29 specialities in the game.A speciality improves your brute in someway. Specialities are always in effect for the entire battle.
Super There are 9 supers in the game.Supers are extra moves that your brute can randomly perform in battle.
Pet There are 3
pets in the game.A pet starts in the battle automatically and remains
until it is killed. Pets are extra characters in the battle that fight
along side you.

~ by fulopmihaly on April 29, 2009.

24 Responses to “Mybrute tutorial”

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  5. 😀

  6. very good tutorial 🙂
    try this one: 😉


  8. my brutes:

    prübáljátok KI!

  9. i be your master and you will be my pupil.

  10. man, i have a brute at level 9 with only 36 wins. he can’t win for anything. he has a lot of students, and some of them are about to surpass him. he gets not supers or specialties with the level ups, only weapons. i’ll keep playing him, but is there any hope he’ll get some skills so he’ll start winning?

  11. go to your brute’s cell, and paste this script in the adress bar. A new component will appear on your page. You can chek what kind of extras and weapons will you get on the next levels… 🙂


  12. Nagyon jó kis leírás, grat. 🙂

  13. Thx a lot!

  14. pupil me pls

  15. useful post ty!

  16. more tutorials here.

    pupil me and i pupil you;)


  19.\ I want to see you :)))

  20. Pupil me here..

    type your name like this..
    [number]x Your Brute’s Name x[number]
    for example : 4xgo.onlinex4

    So i can pupil you back easily.

    Thanks. 🙂



  22. Hi all who want 2-3 brutes black change password a this of corse passsword is 1234 change: to: kill my brute all cant:))

  23. comeone who challenge me


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