MyBrute – experience by pupils. Multi Level Pupil Network.

MyBrute is a simple enough game, to be exciting for everyone. It takes just a few minutes a day to play your fights in the Arena. The problem is that from level 1 to level 2 it takes 4 exp point. From level 2 to level 3 it takes 8 exp point. On higher leveles it can take 1500 exp point to go to next level, and maybe your speed will encrease by 1. So, this gives you a little something to think about. The game is interesting until a certain level. If you are playing it by every-day fights, it is practically impossible to pass level 15-20. If you make a simple calculation, 1500 exp points, means 750 fights ( if you win them all ), but if you loose some, it could be 900 fights… This means 300 days. 1 year. 1 year to pass 1 level, and have your speed or agility encreased by 1.

Obviosly this is not the main idea in the gaim. If you want to advance constantly, you need more and more exp points level by level. So, obviosly, you need more and more pupils. This leads you to my idea 🙂

Create a Multi Level Network of Mybrute Pupils. ( Yes, just like the Multi Level Marketing ). The difference is that here is no catch 🙂 You don’t need no money, you don’t need to sell nothing. You just send me a mail with your brute (ex: ) and your email adress. You will be a part of this NETWORK, and every day you will get a mail from me, with 5 mybrute characters, to whom you have to create a pupil, and level it up to level 2 or 3 ( just the firs 6 fights )obviously, these caracters will get an emeil with your character, and you will get every day at least 5 to 10 ex point. If you send me a mail wth other characters who are willing to join the network, they will be in your private network. When you enter, you will create 1 pupil to all the characters who are directly above you. If you bring characters, when they enter the NETWORK, they have to create a pupil to you.


As you can see in the example, there will be 3 characters below you. This means 3 pupils, on level 2-3 this can mean 6-10 exp point.

When all these characters will have there own 3 pupils below them, this means another 3×3 = 9 pupil on level 2-3 this can mean 18-29 exp points. and this is just level 2. If the next level fills, it can mean another 27 pupil, which can be 54 to 81 exp point. I think it is a pretty good thing.

If you bring new characters ( by sending me there name sin mail ), they will be below your character, if other characters enter the NETWORK by themselves, they will be entered randomly in the NETWORK just to keep it in ballance.

If the network extends, and you are an active user, you will get a mail form m ith some extra characters to pupil, and from who to get pupils. Obviosly this number grows as fast as active you are in the NETWORK.

If you are not an active user, and you don’t pupil back ( if you created a pupil, to a character and that character did not pupil you back, you can send me a mail ), after a few occasions you will be deleted from the NETWORK. I will create a Tree view of the network,  and send it to everybody on mail, so you will know exactly where are you in the system

The rules are pretty simple. Now is the beginning of this circle, so now is the right moment to join.

First step is my mail adress :


~ by fulopmihaly on July 1, 2009.

74 Responses to “MyBrute – experience by pupils. Multi Level Pupil Network.”

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  2. Hi, I want to be in the NETWORK.



  5. Hi, I want it too,


  7. The idea seems fine












  19. can i be in the network

    Hellow will i get exp just joining here?

  21. hi i want to join///

  22. i want to join ..


    i want to join…

  24. i want to join/////



  27. Try this..


  28. nice. I want join too:

  29. can i join,,,
    here’s my eadd…


    thats my brute :p I`m in

    here are some more chars


  34. i wont too join too

  35. Hi I want to join

  36. http://ZUPPIE.MYBRUTE.COM 🙂


  38. I want to join:





  42. Pupil me here..

    type your name like this..[number]x Your Brute’s Name x[number]
    for example : 4xgo.onlinex4

    So i can pupil you back easily.

    Thanks. 🙂



  45. pupil me too at..




  49. pupil me too


    welcome 🙂 welcome


    please pupil me, and I WILL PUPIL YOU!

  52. jei susikursi pupul per mana acc as ir susikursu mer tava acc pupula


  54. 13th level!


  56. yeah i want to join too…

  57. Please, i wanna pupils.


  59. who do I have to pupil and who will pupil me?


  61. pupil this plz and i’ll pupil you




  65. pupil me and i will pupil you back 🙂

  66. xD not superr


  68. hi:D ti koona begam



  71. i want to join!! here’s mine


  73. is you create for me pupil i will create for you yo

  74. 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

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