Repeat on YouTube

Just follow the steps.

1. Create an account. (I do not include screen shots for this.)

2. Log in.

3. Choose your song.

4. Click the [Save to] button.

5. Create a new playlist. (On the pic, you can see one of my playlists [Misike Playlist], tis will not show up in your page)

6. Name your playlist.

7. On the right side of the Player, click Options.

8. Click Open playlist.

Currently you will have only 1 song in your playlist.

9. Turn on the Autoplay.

10. You can turn on or off the Suffle ( if you think about, it is irrelevant :D:D it will play your only song by random 🙂 )

There you go. You have your song on repeat in YouTube.

Question. How you delete a song from the Playlist… 🙂 I guess it should be as simple as adding it.


~ by fulopmihaly on June 30, 2010.

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