God and the woman (Eva)

One day Eve asks God:

– My God, I’m in trouble.

– Wassup Eva?

– You know God, you created for me the paradise, all these nice animals, the snake and everything, but I am not happy.

– Why Eva?  – asks God.

– I am alone, and I am sick of this apple tree.

– In this case, I know exactly the solution. I will create you the MAN.

– What is a man?

– This creature will be imperfect, full of errors. It will lie to you, he will be arogant. But he will be bigger than you, stronger, he will gladly go hunting. He will be kinda funny when he will be horny, but I’ll ctreate him exactly for your needs. To satisfy your desires. He will fill his time will all kind of stupid thing like ball games and fighting. His mind will not be too brilliant, so all the time he will need your guidance, your advices.

– Great! But what’s the deal here ?

– You will get him with one condition.

– What’s that?

– As I said, he will be arrogant, so you can make him beleave that I created him first. Do not forget, this will be our secret. Just between us GIRLS!!!


~ by fulopmihaly on July 1, 2010.

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